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To Kill A Mockingbird - Test

Below is a sample of a basic multiple choice, true-false type test. These are given to complement essay tests, and quizzes. They work well as 9 weeks tests when there is a deadline to get the grades entered.

Multiple choice , true-false tests can be easily constructed by having the students participate in their creation. Explain to the students that they will be using their notes to make up 5 multiple choice and 3 true-false questions for a test. (The more thorough their notes, the more they can review for the test and the more likely they will know other students' questions.)

Teachers can take the students' questions and compile them into a test that fits the students' level of learning, gives stylistic variety, and saves the teacher time and work. [Sometimes the students' humor in the questions, "lightens up" a test.] To compile the test, simply go through the students' questions, marking and editing the best ones and then typing them up. Be aware of duplications and questions that give answers to other questions in the test. *Ask the students to supply the answers to each of the questions that they write.

Point out to the students that they will receive credit for this assignment, as motivation to devise good questions. Do not return the questions as those used for the test will be marked.

Answers for the tests on this website are not provided so that they are a teachers' "methods resource" and not a source of 'easy answers' for students who have not read the material.

[* Recently a teacher reported an error in two questions, so please check the test carefully if you decide to use it as more than a sample."


To Kill A Mockingbird

1. Who got stabbed with a kitchen knife? a. Bob Ewell b. Jem c. Atticus d. Heck Tate
2. What was Scout dressed up as to go to the pageant? a. Turkey b. an apple c. a ham d. piece of bacon
3. Who did Scout find under her bed? a. Boo Radley b. Bob Ewell c. Dill d. a cat
4. Who was Mr. Ewell Bothering? a. Aunt Alexandra b. Helen Robinson c. Dill d. The Radleys
5. What was the name of the mad dog Atticus shot? a. Tim Johnson b. Tom Robinson c. Rover d. Scout
6. Mr. Dolphus Raymond gave Dill a drink of what to settle his stomach? a. whiskey b. Coca-Cola c. root beer d. water
7. Who saved Jem and Scout from Bob Ewell? a. Nathan Radley b. Atticus c. Tom Robinson d. Arthur Radley
8. Who followed Scout and Jem home after the pageant? a. Boo Radley b. Bob Finch c. Bob Ewell d. Cecil Jacobs
9. Who carried Jem back to the house after he was hurt? a. Arthur Radley b. Nathan Radley c. Atticus Finch d. Bob Ewell
10. Scout and ______, went through the house of horrors on Halloween. a. Jacob b. Cecil c. Arthur d. Dill
11. Why did Jem cry during the trial of Tom Robinson? a. Someone was punching him b. had something in his eye c. felt it wasn't fair. d. got a sliver in his toe.
12. Jem was how old when his arm was broken? a. 15 b. 12 c. 13 d. 14
13. Who did Atticus think killed Bob Ewell? a. Boo Radley b. Scout c. Jem d. Tom Robinson
14. How was Bob Ewell killed? a. Hit his head on the ground b. Boo squeezed him to death c. Scout got hold of a knife and stabbed him d. He stumbled, fell and landed on a knife. e. none of the above
15. When Jem and Scout made a snowman who did they first intend to make it look like? a. Calpurnia b. Miss Maudie c. Mr. Avery d. Stephanie Crawford
16. Who said it was a sin to kill a mockingbird? a. Uncle Jach b. Calpurnia c. Aunt Alexandra d. Atticus
17. What sport did Jem like most? a. baseball b. soccer c. football d. basketball
18. What does Scout think when she sees it snowing outside? a. The sky is falling b. It's snowing c. Santa Claus is here. d. The world is coming to an end.
19. Whose house caught on fire? a. Mrs, Dubose's b. Mrs. Maudie's c. Calpurnia's d. The Finches
20. Who was the man that sat with Jem and Scout in the court room? a. Reverend Sykes b. Mr. Ewell c. Atticus d. Mr. Tate
21. How did Jem break his arm? a. fell out of a tree b. fell out of two story window c. a man broke his arm d. fell off a skateboard
22. Why do you think Atticus never used a gun unless necessary? a. he felt uncertain of himself b. he felt he had an unfair advantage c. he wasn't a good shot d. his eyes were too bad to shoot
23. How does Dill customarily eat? a. with his mouth open b. in the left side of his mouth c. with his hands d. with his back teeth e. with his front teeth
24. Why did Scout miss her cue? a. talking with someone else and didn't hear it b. couldn't hear inside costume c. fell asleep d. none of the above
25. Boo Radley was a "Mockingbird." a. true b. false
26. Mr. Radley liked to say "If you can stand in someone else's shoes for a minute, it helps in understanding them. a. true b. false
27. Jem's favorite sport was a. soccer b. tennis c. baseball d. football
28. What do Dill, Scout, and Jem use to put the note into Boo's window? a. Stick b. rock c. fishing pole d. Calpurnia's yard stick.
29. Mayella Ewell said that Tom Robinson a. raped her b. strangled her c. beat her d. all of the above
30. Where does Charles Baker, Harris, usually live? a. Maycomb b. Finch's Landing c. Meridian d. Mobile
31. What kind of flowers did Mayella grow? a. geraniums b. chrysanthemums c. fuschias d. primroses
32. When the missionary women met in Atticus' house, who did they talk about being their favorite male person? a. Atticus Finch b. Heck Tate c. J. Grimes Evertt d. Harold Johnson
33. Who killed Bob Ewell a. Atticus Finch b. Arthur Radley c. Jem d. none of the above
34. Atticus said that in ________all men are treated equally. a. your own house b. a court c. school d. society
35. Atticus is reelected as a. the mayor. b. A deputy sheriff. c. a state legislator d. defense lawyer
36. Who tried to scare Jem and Scout before the pageant? a. Bob b. Dill c. Walter d. Cecil
37. Zeebo was a. the milk man b. Atticus' cat. c. Calpurnia's cat d. Calpurnia's son
38. Who was Tom Robinson's boss? a. Bob Ewell b. Heck Tate c. Link Deas d. none of the above
39. Mrs. Dubose was a sweet old lady who often made little cakes for the children. a. true b. false
40. Aunt Alexandra moved in with Atticus, Jem and Scout, because her house burned down. a. true b. false
41. How did Mr. Tom Robinson's left hand become handi-capped? a. He was thrown out of a tractor and his arm was run over. b. He got it stuck in a cotton gin. c. It was cut during a street fight and never healed correctly. d. He was born with a muscle deficiency.
42. Bob Ewell was killed by a. Jem b. Scout c. Boo Radley d. himself
43. Calpurnia learned to read from a. Blackstone's Commentaries b. newspapers c. her dad d. Reader's Digest
44. Atticus always said, "to understand someone, you had to ____." a. live with them b. know their mother c. walk in their shoes for awhile d. talk to them
45. Which is the definition of piety? a. Being doubtful b. having sympathy c. having a religious character about you. d. saying one thing, and doing another
46. Miss Maudie was Presbyterian. a. true b. false
47. What happened to Bob Ewell? a. He moved to Russia b. his daughter killed him. c. He fell on his own knife d. Jem killed him. e. none of the above
48. Mr. Underwood did what? a. Shot black people b. acted as a sheriff c. ran a newspaper d. ran a funeral parlor.
49. What did Tom do to get put in jail? a. Murdered someone b. shoplifted something c. raped someone d. he was a runaway slave. e. None of the above.
50. Who was Mr. Tate talking about when he said "taking the one man who's done you and this town a great service an' draggin' him with his shy ways into the limelight to me, that is a sin." a. Atticus b. Arthur c. Bob d. Jem.

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